There are Realtors and then there are Realtors!

My wife and I decided to move from the Gulf Coast to get closer to our family. I had called several realtors trying to inquire about a house that we found. After several days with no return call, I called Mr. John Chambers.

John was phenomenal in helping us secure our dream home. My wife and I told John what we wanted a house, and the hunt was on. We were not interested in one particular location as most people would be, but the home we wanted. John was very professional, however like family. He never once tried to sell us on what he thought we should purchase.

One day looking at a house we just left, I noticed a house that just went on the market, exactly what we were looking for. John started the ball rolling for us and after signing the contract closed inside of 30 days.

I’ve met and personally know many people who sell Real Estate across the State of Alabama.

John tops them all. Respectful, of our wishes, Courteous of our needs, and treated us as if we were family. As the header states. (There are Realtors and there are Realtors).

So call Mr. John Chambers for your needs. We did.

— Artie and Catherine Childs